Ukraine IT Report 2021
A national study on what the IT industry is like today and what its prospects are for the future. The initiator of the report is IT Ukraine Association, the largest specialized community of service and product IT companies.
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In 2021, the Ukrainian IT industry grew by 36% from USD 5 billion to USD 6.8 billion in exports. At the same time, the number of specialists increased from 244 thousand to 285 thousand. Thus, over the past three years, the industry has more than doubled in exports and has grown by more than 50% in the number of specialists.

The study used open data and information from state registers, as well as a survey of 98 Ukrainian IT companies, which by size correspond to the structure of companies participating in industry associations.

Ukraine IT Report 2021 presents both short-term (up to one year) assessments and medium-term (until 2025) forecasts for the development of the IT industry, specialized education, as well as a comparison of Ukraine as an IT country with the neighboring countries. The study also provides data on the state of the office real estate market and the impact of Covid-19 on the format of work of the companies.

Research sections

Ukraine as an IT state in the language of numbers
The importance of the IT industry in the economy of Ukraine, the number and types of IT companies, talents on the market, salaries and the development of higher as well as non-formal and corporate education.
The importance of IT in the economy of Ukraine. Regulatory field
Data on exports and investments, taxes and fees, the introduction of the legal regime of Diia City. 3 predictive scenarios of the IT industry development: optimistic, basic and conservative.
Office real estate market
General market overview and price indicators in the largest cities of Ukraine.
Portrait of IT regions
Data on the number of specialists, graduates of IT specialties, income and taxes amount medians.
IT Industry leaders
The vision of future development of IT in Ukraine and the world. Key priorities of companies.